Francis (Chip) Cameron

Session: Importance of Positive Community Relations

Attorney, manager, and conflict management specialist with over twenty years’ experience in the legal, policy, and technical aspects of the licensing and regulation of the use of nuclear materials, as well as with the preparation of environmental reviews for energy and natural resources projects. Mr. Cameron’s expertise in conflict management, community outreach and interest-based negotiation strategy were developed during his tenure as the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Dispute Resolution Specialist. His conflict management work was complemented by his tenure as the Assistant General Counsel at the NRC. In this capacity, Mr. Cameron and his staff advised the NRC staff and the Commission on the implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”) including environmental justice policy; the rulemaking process; the Federal Advisory Committee Act; and Section 106 consultation with Tribal governments under the National Historic Preservation Act. He also was the General Counsel’s liaison and advisor on Tribal law. He is thoroughly familiar with the NRC licensing process, including the existing and proposed decommissioning regulatory framework.

Mr. Cameron’s combination of legal and analytical skills, his solid grounding in the technical aspects of the use of nuclear materials, and his conflict management skills, bring a unique holistic approach a wide variety of private sector and government needs and issues. Mr. Cameron has been in private practice since 2010, providing legal advice on energy and environmental issues, and on the design and implementation of communications strategies. Some of his most recent projects include facilitation of the public scoping meetings for the Environmental Impact Statement on the Holtec Intl. license application to the NRC for an interim storage facility; development and presentation of a National Webinar on tribal law and the transportation of nuclear materials.