Larry Camper

Session: Wrap-UP Day One

Mr. Camper is an experienced health physicist, radiation safety expert, environmental remediation expert and executive with 40 years of professional experience with various aspects of the nuclear industry within both the private and public sectors including: radiation safety; medical, research and academic uses; commercial uses; industrial uses; environmental assessment and management; low-level waste oversight; uranium recovery; decommissioning of reactors and complex material sites; spent fuel management and performance assessment. Mr. Camper has been very involved both nationally and internationally and increasingly has focused on the nexus between nuclear materials uses, energy production and related environmental concerns as well as stakeholder outreach and coordination.

Mr. Camper is the President and Executive Consultant with Advoco Professional Services, LLC. Advoco provides a broad spectrum of professional consulting services focused on environmental assessment and remediation, health physics issues, nuclear regulatory policy, environmental conflict resolution, communications strategy, facilitation and stakeholder outreach, nuclear technical issues, NEPA support, Federal and State agencies coordination and executive management. Mr. Camper is also associated with Talisman International, LLC as a senior nuclear safety consultant dealing with a broad spectrum of nuclear issues.